Jain Centre Leicester Parking Arrangements


Leicester City Council
Newarke Street

Entrance on York Road – Less than 5 mins walk from Jain Centre

(Open Monday to Saturday, 6.30pm-1am. Sundays 10am-6pm)

This carpark has automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras installed which will allow vehicles to be automatically let out once their stay has been paid for without the driver having to stop.

Regular disabled members can get their car registered to allow them to be automatically recognised to enter and exit. Please contact JC office for more details.


Please note that carpark level two is reserved for permit holders only. Disabled Pass holders are allowed to park free.

  • 1 hour: £1
  • Up to 3 hours: £3
  • 4 hours: £4
  • 6 hours: £6
  • 9 hours: £8
  • Up to 12 hours: £9
  • Night charge (5pm-1am): £2
  • Sundays and bank holidays: £1 

Please note that payment on the ground floor machine is only by contactless or chip and pin card payment. Cash payment machine is available on another floor.

De Montfort University


Philip Tasker Car Park

100 Mill Lane,

Leicester LE2 7HX

Less than 5 mins walk from Jain Centre

This carpark is ONLY available on selected function days for which Jain Centre have obtained authorisation. Please check with JC office or on the website for the pre-authorised dates and times. The barriers will be kept open on these dates.

JSE parking permits are available from Jain Centre office for £1.00 one-off fee. The Pay & Display charge from 1st September is £2 up to 4 hours and £4 all day. The machines are now all contactless so please make sure you bring a debit/credit card. Also, it says on the machine that weekend is no charge, but that’s only valid for university members.

Garage Parking


Triple ‘S’ Clutch and tyre garage

52-58 Oxford Street


Less than 5 mins walk from Jain Centre

Jain Centre has 14 permitted parking spaces at the council owned garages off Oxford Street. You can only park in the 14 spaces – shaded green.

If any cars are parked outside of the allocated spaces – shaded Red, they will be towed away and we may lose the right to park in this area.  

Parking is available Monday to Saturday 6:00 PM onwards and Sunday whole day. Any other times, we are not allowed to park in the garage. There is no charge for this parking.

Garage Parking Allocation

Please note: The numbers 1 – 14 in green are ONLY to assist Jain Centre visitors to understand the slots, these are not physically marked at the garage.

York Street Access  

There is NO parking available on York Street.

Access is as per the signage.

Monday to Saturday

NO car access is allowed except for disabled badge holders.


Cars allowed but there is no parking.