Sametshikhar Jatra trip

The Sametshikhar jatra trip is soon approaching, we take this opportunity to wish all the 42 lucky devotees who will soon be embarking on this trip, a very safe journey. We pray to Shantinath dada that this jatra trip is completed to full contentment and the devotees return home safely.

Satsang – February 2016

10:30 AM  Satsang followed by Aarti

1:00 PM – Lunch

Satsang topic – ‘Shanti Jineshwar Sacho Sahib’.

Pilgrimage – Jain Perspective by Dr Rameshbhai Mehta

Dr Rameshbhai Mehta will be delivering a presentation on “Pilgrimage – Jain Perspective” at Christchurch Clarendon Park.  All are welcome to attend.

Satsang – March 2016

10:30 AM  Satsang followed by Aarti

1:00 PM – Lunch

Satsang topic – ‘Simandhar swami – Mahavideh kshetra na 20 viharman vandana’.

Labharthi –   Bharatbhai and Pragnaben Vather

Please note that on this satsang day, the following bolis will be done at about noon for the Chhah gau ni yatra event on Fri 10-3-2017

1. Adinath Bhaghwan sthapna and Puja
2. Sthapna of Devkimata’s 6 sons Pagla (Krishna’s 6 brothers)
3. Ulaka Jal – Adinath Bhaghwan Prakshal

Monthly Snatra Puja – March

Jain Vishwa Bharti (JVB) London visit

Workshop & Meditation by Samani Pratibha Pragya & Unnata Pragya 

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM  Preksha Meditation

11:45 AM – 01:15 PM  Workshop on Samudghat: Astral Projection of Soul followed by Aarti

1:15 PM  Lunch 

Satsang – April 2016

10:30 AM  Satsang followed by Aarti

1:00 PM – Lunch

Satsang topic – ‘Navgraha vidhan’.

Labharthi –   Late Babulal Ramji Mehta’s family

Monthly Snatra Puja – April

Sametshikhar Bhav Yatra

2:00 PM Sametshikhar bhav yatra followed by photo slide show. Alpahaar will be provided and names must be registered as per the normal rules.

Pujyashri Gurudev Shri Rakeshbhai Jhaveri visit to Leicester

Dharmayatra 10 – 5 – 2016

We are pleased to announce that Jain Samaj Europe is hosting a special event on Tuesday 10th May 2016 celebrating Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai’s UK Dharmayatra. 

An ardent follower of Shrimad Rajchandra, Gurudev has inspired many people from all over the world with the simple message “REALISE ONE’S TRUE SELF AND SERVE OTHERS SELFLESSLY” 


5pm – 7pm -Swamivatsalya Dinner (pre registration required)

7.30pm      – Bhakti

8pm          – Welcome 

8.20pm     – Inspiring Pravachan

9.30pm    – Arti & Mangal Divo

 Dress code (white) optional

 All attending are requested to take their seats latest by 7.15 pm BEFORE the programme begins in order to avoid any disturbance, those who are late will be directed to the ground floor auditorium.

 Please note all children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the main hall during pravachan.

 Labh is £1201

There is a nominal charge of £2 per person .Please kindly register your names by Thursday 5th May 2016. Please note that there will be a £4 charge per person for any late registrations after this date.    

For further details please contact:

Kalpit Doshi   (07828 866637)
Dipesh Mehta (07899 792060)