Navpad Chaitra Aymbil Oli Aaradhana 2023

Jain Samaj Leicester 32 Oxford Street, Leicester

Wed-29-Mar-2023 to Thu-06-Apr-2023 (Parna Fri-07-Apr-2023) Oli Labharthi: Lt Laxmikantbhai Mehta and Dayaben Laxmikantbhai Mehta Family Please click on below links for: Kayami Chaitra Maas Aymbil Oli Labharthis JSE Aymbil Oli Donation Schemes

Please note that for Sunday events, the deadline for registering names for catering purpose is Thursday 7:00 PM. After this deadline, all names will need to be registered by contacting Kalpitbhai Doshi on  07828866637.