act_pathshala1Pathshala in Leicester has been in fruition since the mid 1970’s.We are blessed in which the Jain Temple we are situated in provides us with much needed resources to teach in a spiritual environment. Pathshala consists of both religious studies and gujarati classes.

Both have been taught simultaneously and has provided a sustainable platform for Jain children of Leicester. Children from the age of 5 are warmly welcomed to pathshala and from this tender age teaching of Jain values and principles are introduced.

In September 2010, following the worldwide success of  (SRM) Shrimad Rajchandra Magic Touch programme for foundation stage learning, Leicester Pathshala introduced this wonderful concept for children aged 5 years to 8 years. The response we received was so immense, that we successfully introduced (SRA) Shrimad Rajchandra Arhat Touch in September 2011 for children aged 8 years to 11 years.

Magic Touch and Arhat Touch is a new age Jain pathshala which  takes the exemplary teachings of Bhagwan Mahavira and serves them in a contemporary setting; using modern technology such as audiovisual aids, interactive games and other teaching tools like worksheets, quizzes and field trips to reinforce the curriculum. Through Arhat Touch, the children are able to study Jain Philosophy, rituals and mythology, and also pursue self-development.

The flexibility of this programme has allowed us to deliver at a pace which is more suited to our individual requirements. At present we successfully run religious classes for children aged 11 years and over. Our aim for the future is to incorporate (SRS) Shrimad Rajchandra Spiritual Touch  to replace the current format.

We are proud to have the Gujarati classes which plays an integral part in the set up of pathshala. We strongly believe that learning this language is paramount for all pupils. Gujarati is introduced to all children when first enrolling at pathshala with the opportunity to study up to GCSE level if they so wish. Many children past and present have gone on and achieved a recognised qualification in Gujarati.
The teachers, fondly known as didis \ bhai’s, are trained through specialised Teachers’ Training Programmes to teach Jainism in a fun and interactive manner. They all are CRB certified.

Pathshala is run every Sunday from 10.15am to 1pm (Term Time).

Looking after our children is our top priority. We rely on them for our future.


If you are interested in Pathshala, please contact Kalpitbhai Doshi on  07828866637 or