Jain Youth Leicester

Jain Youth

Jain Youth Leicester (JYL) is a voluntary run project and is based at Jain Samaj Europe. The project has been running successfully for a number of years and has grown in popularity among the Jain community.

The project itself is run by young people and for young people. It aims is to provide young people from the Jain community and like minded individuals to meet, engage, share ideas as well as support the community.

The project also aims to offer young people a platform to develop, utilise and show case their skills and talents. The project anticipates doing this by allowing young people to develop, organise and run events/workshops as well as volunteer in large community events in a supportive environment.

JYL regularly holds various types of events varying from religious, social, sports and educational. We hope that these events not only help develop individual skills but also encourage other young people who share similar interests and hobbies to engage in the project and community.  We aim to hold events at least once a month to ensure sustainability of the project. The events are generally suitable for all ages and are held at Jain Samaj Europe.

For more information on events please look at our Events section for a list of all our upcoming events and information about event’s we’ve held previously.

JYL also has a facebook page (Jain Youth UK) which allows young people from around the UK and world to engage with each other. This page also provides up to date information on latest events held by JYL or other projects which may be of interest to young people.

Finally, membership to JYL is FREE, all we ask is you try to attend events and have FUN 🙂