pres_ushaDear All..

Jai Jinendra.

Jainism, one of India’s most ancient religion was revived by Bhagwan Mahavir (born in 599 BC), who organised the teachings in the present form, which explains the true meaning of life and the purpose of existence. The teachings are based on non-violence and non-materialism, which if all Jains and Non-Jains practiced in their lives, then this world would be a beautiful place to live in.

Leicester boasts the largest Jain Temple, first of its kind in the western world. It is my proud privilege, to be the president of such an organisation that enhances and promotes Jain teachings and principals. The Jain Promotion in the western world and for our future generation is one of Jain Samaj’s prime objective. This is reflected by children attending Pathsala, various school / university / tourist groups from all walks of life that attend our Jain Temple.

Jain Samaj Europe plays a big role when it comes to promoting and celebrating all bhagwan Kalyanaks Paryushan Aymbil oli, and various other poojans when members from all over UK and Europe attend. All these activities help us to build a strong foundation and faith in our future generation in order to accept Jainism as a way of Life.

As all religious organisations, Jain Samaj Europe is what it is today from generosity of our members world wide and we are eternally grateful and indebted to them for giving Leicester such a place of worship. The Trustees and the Committee thank all our donors to-date for their donation to Jain Samaj Europe. Further donations are welcomed and appreciated, which can be made through this website.

I take this opportunity to thank the founding members, past Trustees, EC Members and all for their hard work in making Jain Samaj Europe, what it is today and hope that myself, together with the present Trustees and committee, we can do the same to promote the Jain Heritage and Jain Samaj Europe world-wide.

Thank you.

Usha R Mehta

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