Jainism was already an ancient religion in the days of Mahavira some 2,500 years ago. Historians agree that this acient faith was already in existence at the time of Parsva, the 23rd Tirhankara, 250 years before. Jain tradition would trace the line of the prophets (to be more exact Tirhankaras) of Jainism, back through countless ages. Yet Jainism has a base in logic, which makes it strangely modern even now. We can express the teachings of Mahavira in the language of modern times and see that they are as relevant to our own day as they were two and a half millennia ago.

The social teachings of Jainism, individual freedom and equality regardless of race, sex, caste and colour, strikes a chord in the hearts and minds of modern men and woman. It teaches love and brotherliness to all living creatures: malice and hurt to none. Jainism provides a sensible, acceptable explanation of the great problems of existence, where we came from, where we are going, the nature of our immortal soul and its relation to our temporary body.

Jainism provides a code of conduct, which is relevant to the troubled world, in which we live, a way of life, which rejects violence and self-seeking and dishonestly.

It is the duty of all Jains, those living in India and those in the west, to keep the torch of knowledge of this great philosophy burning. This is particularly important for the Western world. If Jains neglect their own faith, the children will know nothing of their precious heritage and will turn to different and probably less noble, paths of life.

This is the belief, which lies behind the efforts of all who are working to make the Jain Centre a true centre for the Jains of Europe and a place from, which knowledge of the great contribution, which Jainism can make to the modern world can spread throughout the west. It is an endeavour, which deserves and demands your support. We hope most earnestly that your donation to this cause will be generous for ir is a cause, which must be dear to all of us, who value the Jain faith.

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