Jain Centre Petition

Pedestrianisation of York Road

We have been informed by the Leicester council about changes to pedestrianise York Road, which is the side road to Jain centre on Oxford Street. This will be of huge detriment to our members and visitors, who will struggle to access Jain centre. York Road is commonly used by community members for off-road parking,  drop-off and pickup and is the closest point for disabled members to park and walk to the Centre.

As such, we have raised this petition to gather as much support from the community as possible to strengthen our case with the Leicester City Council.

Would request you all to please sign the petition by clicking on the below link and show your support for Jain Centre. While signing the petition, it would really help if you select the option to share your name and email address with Jain Centre.

Jain Centre Petition

Thanking you in advance

Trustees and EC committee