Jain Samaj Europe (Leicester) is the first European centre for the advancement of the Jain Religion and principles of Jainism and houses all the Sects of Jainism under one roof. It has a Swetamber and Digamber Jinalay, Sthanakwasi Upashraya, Guru Mandir, Srimad Rajchandra Gnan Mandir and a museum of Jain artefacts.

Jain Samaj Europe (Leicester) provides a place of worship, library, pathsala, bhojansala and promotes Jainism by publications and lectures to school and other visiting groups.

Please give generously to the following schemes:

1. Jain Samaj Europe – Patron Membership £1001 (Over 18s only)

2. Jain Samaj Europe – Life Membership £101 (Over 18s only)

3. Jain Samaj Europe – Annual Membership £5 (Over 18s only)

4. Kayami Bhojalay Tithi  £751

5. Kayami Aymbil Tithi  £251

6. Kayami Sadharmick Tithi  £151

7. Aymbil Oli Nakrao  £501

9. Samuh Aymbil Nakrao  £101

8. Monthly Satsang Sponsorship £151 (being revised to £200 from January 2018)

9.  Snatra Pooja Nakro  £11

10. Aangi Nakrao £11

11. Sukhdi Nakro £11

12. Small Museum Cabinet £1001

13. Large Museum Cabinet £2001

14. Dersar Pillar £1001

15. Stain Glass Window £1001

16. Sadharan Fund : Annual £36, 10 years £360, 20 years £720

(Revised in January 2017)

Payment Methods:

By cash or credit / debit cards at Jain Centre’s office;

By cheque, payable to ‘Jain Samaj Europe’ and post it to:

Jain Centre, 32, Oxford Street,Leicester, LE1 5XU, UK

Payment(s) can also be made directly to our following Bank Account,

online or deposit a cheque in :

Bank: NatWest Bank plc, Branch Address: 14-16 Haymarket,Leicester, LE1 3NT, UK

Sort Code: 60-60-06     Account No: 04989740

For credit of A/C: Trustees, Jain Samaj Europe.